What Is Ethical Gold?

Ekaterina Kouznetsova

Posted on June 01 2020

What Is Ethical Gold?

Ethically sourced and ethically made fashion is all the rage right now, and for a reason. Less pollution, less waste, and safe working conditions are just a few reasons to buy ethical fashion, and what's chicer than making the world a better place? Skaska Fine Jewelry uses ethically-sourced gold in all of our designs, but what really makes the gold you wear ethical?

Ethical gold is gold sourced from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining operations.

It comes from mines which work with different kinds of national and international organizations to create a prosperous community, create good mining conditions, and safely dispose of any chemicals used during operation. Responsible mining practices and support from outside organizations allows communities to improve their living conditions and create eco-friendly local economies. Gold obtained in this way is guaranteed to be conflict-free. 

Working Conditions

- good working conditions

- no child labour

- no gender inequality

Use of Chemicals/Toxins

- no environmentally harmful practices

- chemicals used are safely managed and are disposed of in ways safe to the environment and our planet

Conflict-Free Operations

- no contribution to armed conflicts 

- transparent supply chains

- no illegal operations

- no informal economy

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