Turquoise: The Bold and the Beautiful

Diana Behringer

Posted on May 04 2023

Turquoise: The Bold and the Beautiful

Turquoise is a forever classic stone that can be worn all year around, but truly does inspire thoughts of summer. It’s offered in vivid hues ranging from a clear, pale blue sky to a robin’s egg tone and even a deep, calming blue that evokes images of the Caribbean. Turquoise can come from all around the world. Some of the most beautiful turquoise has come from Iran, Italy, Arizona and Mexico. Our favorite is sleeping beauty and Kingman turquoise which is mined in Arizona. 


We are obsessed with the vibrant pop of color turquoise offers. We love wearing these pieces solo or layered with told or diamonds. The immediately offer an uplifting energy.


It doesn’t hurt that turquoise represents protection, wisdom, guidance and tranquility which we could all use a little extra dose of.   


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