The Pearl's Modern Moment

Diana Behringer

Posted on September 21 2022

The Pearl's Modern Moment

The Pearl’s Modern Moment  

A jewelry classic is reinterpreted for the modern woman 

Written by Arielle Salkin

If you’re like me, you adore pearls. Glowing, romantic, a traditional jewelry staple. What’s not to love? There’s no denying, though, that pearls can have a bit of an “old fashioned” vibe to them, bringing to mind that strand your grandma always wore, or your mom’s oversized pearl studs from the ‘80’s. Our pearl obsession hasn’t changed, but our style sure has. 

So you want to look modern and fresh, but incorporate some pearl luster? Here’s how to do it.

Mixed Materials

I love a mix and match moment. High/Low fashion blends, surprising mixes of colors and patterns, a denim jacket over a formal look, bring it on! Modernizing your pearl look is as easy as mixing them with metals, stones, or other materials.

This pair of pearl studs is set surrounded by multicolor stones in a gorgeous and super modern gold setting. The random assortment of color not only gives them a cool, contemporary edge, but also allows them to be paired with any color for a strong statement.  



If you’re a ring gal, this double layer ring not only gives your pearls an edge but offers a layering look that is completely unique and super modern. 

 Pearl Drops

Searching for something dressy? The formal pearl drop earring has earned a modern makeover, too. Huggie hoops with a pearl charm or a dainty chain earring with a pearl dangling below can be worn with a to a dressier event or to elevate your date night style.

Frame your face with a luxe pair of pearl drop earrings. Dangling on a mini paperclip chain from emerald encrusted gold hoop, these pearls are ready to shine during your romantic dinner out or at a friend’s wedding.

 Add a Little Edge

Sometimes all it takes is something a little unexpected to give the delicate pearl a little edge. Wearing them in a non-traditional setting, alongside spikes, or layered with something with a sculptural feel can transform them completely.

These pearl spiked hoops add some drama to your look while each featuring six tiny pearls. Oversized and sculptural, these statement hoops pair beautifully with anything from denim to a cocktail dress to an oversized sweater.

No jewelry collection is complete without a few pearls. With endless ways to wear them, I know you’ll find a style to suit your look. For seriously gorgeous and sustainably crafted pieces, shop the new collection of Skaska pearl styles, available here.

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