How to Choose Your First Piece of Fine Jewelry

Ekaterina Kouznetsova

Posted on August 19 2020

How to Choose Your First Piece of Fine Jewelry

When it comes to buying fine jewelry, the days of waiting for special occasions and a significant other to feel generous are over. If there is a special piece of fine jewelry you want to have, you can - and should - go out and buy it for yourself! Self care is in, and what better way to treat yourself than with a brilliant design that lasts a lifetime? It's an exhilarating experience to choose your first piece of fine jewelry - and we're here to guide you through the process.


What is fine jewelry?


While the exact definition of fine jewelry has varied over time, it's generally accepted that jewelry made using high-quality craftsmanship (handcrafted by jewelers) and exceptional materials, like 14k or 18k gold, platinum, and precious gemstones or diamonds is considered to be 'fine jewelry'. The higher the karat, the higher the gold content. In recent years, it's been debated whether to classify 10k solid gold jewelry as 'fine jewelry', and whether to declassify 14k or 18k gold vermeil and gold filled pieces as 'fine jewelry'. If you're choosing between 14k gold vermeil or 10k solid gold, the solid gold pieces win out on quality, durability, and value every time.

It's also important to mention that solid gold jewelry will last longer and wear better than gold vermeil or gold-filled jewelry. Not familiar with these terms? We made a handy guide explaining the differences between gold filled, vermeil, plated and solid gold jewelry here.

Skaska Fine jewelry only creates designs in solid gold - 10k, 14k, and 18k pieces. Several of the designs we offer even have the gold weight listed, like our 6 Peak Hoop Earrings, which contain nearly 10 grams of gold!

6 peak hoop earrings solid gold genuine diamond earrings skaska fine jewelry

What's your style?

The right piece of fine jewelry is as much a part of you and your wardrobe as those I-can-do-anything-shoes. You know the ones. Unlike the shoes, a piece of fine jewelry lasts a lifetime and wears comfortably everyday. With so many designs to choose from, where do you even start? With your style of course! We made an easy jewelry and wardrobe pairing guide below.


If you love a simple look and have a minimalist wardrobe, consider investing in a statement piece that makes every t shirt and jean ensemble look straight from New York Fashion Week.

We love pairing our Diamond 3 Layer Ring with every color in our wardrobe. It's clean, modern lines and 3 shining diamonds make it the only piece of jewelry you need with any look!

If you love a minimalist wardrobe + dainty fine jewelry, our delicate Gold Peak Necklace is the piece for you. It's perfect to wear on its' own or stack with other necklaces, and the elegant curve of the peak is ultra-flattering on any neckline (even turtlenecks - we tried that too)!


Love color and looking for colorful fine jewelry? You'll want to look at precious stones, including sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Some of our favorite earrings feature these gorgeous stones, like the 3 Amigas Emerald and Ruby Studs! We love pairing them with other studs and mix-and-matching the colors.

Love a colorful wardrobe but want fine jewelry that will match anything? We love diamonds for their versatility in matching any outfit.

Our Diamond Baguette Bars feature a modern design that will work with any color you wear and .36 carats of genuine, ethically-sourced diamonds.

Want some arm candy to go with your candy-colored look? The Diamond Mini Double Peak Cuff adds a gorgeous brilliance and matches any color!


On top of the hottest trends? You'll need a design that you can mix and match or accessorize to change with your style! A necklace that adds a little extra shine or a ring that says, "I'm setting the trends by elevating timeless pieces."

Our Starburst Necklaces in Turquoise and Black Onyx are perfect grounding pieces that elevate your look to new heights. We love pairing these with thin silver or gold necklaces for a statement stack!

turquoise solid gold necklace

Timeless and trendy forever, the evil eye has stood the test of time, and we've reimagined it with our Diamond Evil Eye ring, paired here with 2 Peak Rings and the Mini Zip Diamond Eternity Band (love this ring stack). 

solid gold diamond evil eye ring

The Timeless Showstopper

The statement piece to end all - unique, versatile, and fabulous. Our Turquoise Diamond Hex Necklace features a gold heart on one side and a genuine ethically-sourced diamond on the other. This is the queen of treating yourself. Prepare yourself for tons of compliments.

solid gold turquoise diamond necklace

Know your size

Measure twice, buy once! Before making a purchase, use a measuring tape to approximate how long you like your necklaces to be, what the right size of earrings is for your piercings, and of course - ring sizing! Pinkie rings are in - and you can also wear them as midi rings! Since all Skaska Fine Jewelry is made to order, we offer a wide selection of ring sizes - from 2.5 to 8 in half-size increments (depending on the design, the range may vary). 


How do you make a budget for fine jewelry?

When buying your first piece of fine jewelry, the pricing can be overwhelming. But remember - unlike 99% of purchases, fine jewelry lasts for a lifetime! You'll have that beautiful diamond and gold ring when you're 90! So the best way to create a budget and price out fine jewelry is simple - calculate the cost per wear. So if you plan on wearing that every other day for 4 years and you want to budget $1 a wear (that's underestimating how often you'll wear it), your budget is about $730. If you'll wear it for 8 years, your budget is $1500! Remember, fine jewelry is an investment for life, and you'll love to wear your first piece for a long time!


Wear your beautiful fine jewelry everyday...

Fine jewelry is made to be worn, so wear it! The hardiness of diamonds and durability of precious stones and solid gold is perfect for everyday wear, so don't be afraid to wear it with those sweats to grab some groceries...because why not?


...but treat it with love and care.

As robust as fine jewelry is for everyday wear, a little love and care goes a long way in helping it shine as bright as the first day you bought it! We created this nice guide on how to clean fine jewelry, including 14k and 18k gold, precious stones, and turquoise!


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