Evil Eye Gold Jewelry, From Ancient Egypt to Modern Fine Jewelry

Ekaterina Kouznetsova

Posted on December 04 2020

Evil Eye Gold Jewelry, From Ancient Egypt to Modern Fine Jewelry


The hottest trend dating back to ancient Egypt, the evil eye has been a beautiful symbol of protection for thousands of years. Although artisans in Greece and Turkey still make traditional evil eye charms from glass, it has since been reimagined by fine jewelry designers into a chic and delicate fashion statement. It's simple yet distinctive design has come a long way - and we're here to break down the history of the evil eye and how it became a fine jewelry favorite.


The History of the Evil Eye

eye of horus evil eye amulet

Eye of Horus (Wedjat Eye Amulet)

New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1550-1295 BCE

Belief in the evil eye and protection charms dates back to the Old Testament and has roots in multiple ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, and Greece. In 6th century B.C., it was referenced by Plato and Plutarch in their writings as mati, meaning evil eye in Greek. Plato's scientific explanation was that a malevolent gaze can shoot 'daggers' of negative energy and curses. The concept of a charm to ward off evil and bad luck was and still is especially prominent in the Mediterranean, with artisans creating glass evil eye amulets for the person and home today.

The origins of the evil eye can be traced back to the ancient belief that there was a limited quantity of good in the world - wealth, happiness, and luck. An envious eye, gaze, or even praise of another's good fortune would curse the receiver and risk that good being taken away. It was a cursed look or stare, believed to bring bad luck to the person at whom it is directed. The evil eye charm, a symbol of the evil eye itself, was believed to be the best protection from a malevolent glare which carried a curse. Evil eye amulets, designed in the shape of an eye or the blue and white iris commonly seen today, were hung at the entryway to a house and worn on their person.

The evil eye was used to protect the home and family from evil spirits and repel bad luck. Due to its wide uses, evil eye charms were made in many different forms, from evil eye pendants and necklaces, to evil eye bracelets and charms for the home. Small glass evil eye beads would even be sewn into clothes! Over the millenia, there have been many good luck charms, but the staying power of the evil eye sets it apart from the rest.


Why is evil eye gold jewelry so popular?

It's a timeless design that has survived for thousands of years - and the added benefit of a talisman has helped its staying power. Like birthstones and precious gems, the evil eye is both beautiful to wear and holds a deeper significance to the wearer. The traditional glass evil eye has been reimagined in turquoise, solid gold, and diamonds to add a touch of luxury to a historical talisman. Whether you believe in it or not, you have to admit it's an ultra-chic design that has earned itself a permanent place in the jewelry hall of fame.

If belief in the evil eye as a modern symbol of protection doesn't appeal to you, consider the words of Diana Craig Patch of the Metropolitan Art Museum:

“The conviction that a symbol, form, or concept provides protection, promotes well-being, or brings good luck is common to all societies: in our own, we commonly wear religious symbols or carry a favorite penny or a rabbit’s foot.”

Why evil eye gold jewelry?

A timeless symbol deserves a timeless material - one that doesn't break, fade, or scratch. The staying power of the evil eye has proven that it can be worn at any age and the belief that the evil eye's power grows the longer you have it and the more often you wear it lends itself perfectly to solid gold jewelry, made to last forever. Today, we are able to create evil eye jewelry using ethical turquoise and solid gold, a classical design the Egyptians began with the Eye of Horus and vibrant turquoise hues. More so than any other symbol of protection, evil eye gold jewelry has endured for thousands of years. It's been transformed from Egyptian amulets into Turkish glass evil eye, nazarl mati, and today into stunning fine jewelry.


Evil eye gold and turquoise jewelry isn't just a fashion statement or amulet - it is a powerful way to connect with those that wore it in ancient times - Egyptian Royalty.


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