The Magic Of Precious Stones

Shiralee Lewin

Posted on July 14 2020

The Magic Of Precious Stones

Most people are aware of the medicinal and enlightening properties accredited to certain rocks and minerals but forget about, or discount, the magic of precious stones.

These jewels are more than just a pretty face, they have a long, sparkly history of mystical powers. So set aside your rose quartz and moonstones for now. For anyone who believes, wants to believe, or is just here for the gems, below are some fun myths and legends about Skaska’s favorite precious stones:


Meaning: loyalty and devotion. September’s birthstone.

  • Though known primarily for being blue, sapphires form naturally in a variety of colors, such as pink, yellow, and purple. 
  • They signify wisdom and royalty and have been a particular favorite of the British and European royal families for centuries. Sapphires were once the preferred gem for engagement rings and thanks to Princess Diana’s engagement ring being passed onto Kate Middleton’s 4th finger, they’ve made a bit of a comeback in recent years.
  • Sapphires are also extremely durable and rank at a 9 on the Mohs ( aka hardness) scale (for reference, diamonds are at 10). This means that you can flash your baby blues around on the daily, as long as they are taken care of.


Meaning: desire, passion and power. July’s birthstone.

  • Sapphire might be royally blue but for centuries, the ruby was considered the “king of all gems”. A treasured possession of emperors and kings throughout history, it was believed that wearing a red ruby will give you peace of mind, courage, and insight.
  • In Buddhism, the ruby is considered to be a sacred gemstone and is frequently referred to as “tears of Buddha” and said to open the heart and promote love.
  • As a protector from misfortune and bad health, rubies are also said to change color according to the health level of the wearer. Their color may dim in order to indicate health problems that even its owner may not be aware of.


Meaning: Wit, elegance, foresight. May’s birthstone.

  • Ancient Egyptians believed emeralds to be a sacred symbol of fertility and immortality. They were a favorite of Cleopatra’s and she would adorn herself in the gemstones, as well as present them as gifts to foreign dignitaries. 
  • Emeralds have a reputation for being used as mystical talismans. If worn as a talisman, an emerald would besto the wearer with a sharpened wit and the ability to see into the future. 
  • Ancient physicians used these precious stones to treat dysentery and epilepsy. They also believe it could be used as a defense against poison as well as protect against possession by evil demons and dark energies.


Meaning: Rare and beautiful - deal in health, knowledge, and love. April’s birthstone.

  • The ancient Greeks called diamonds, “adamas”, which translates as, “unconquerable” or “unbreakable”. They believed diamonds were the tears of the gods which could purify the body and soul. Prominent warriors would wear diamond-laced breastplates to protect against health issues, just as much as the weapons of their enemies. 
  • Diamonds have also been thought to possess mystical powers of knowledge and mental clarity. Thought to activate the crown chakras, it’s claimed that diamonds will sparkle brightly around the truth, and dim in the presence of a lie. 
  • The diamond has a special connection to the sun and was even used as a symbol, to represent it, in an ancient European hieroglyph. As a natural prism, a diamond is able to disperse the sun’s light, freely spreading beauty and warmth.  

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