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  • How to Choose Your First Piece of Fine Jewelry

    Posted on August 19 2020

    When it comes to buying fine jewelry, the days of waiting for special occasions and a significant other to feel generous are over. If there is a special piece of...

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  • The Magic Of Precious Stones

    Posted on July 14 2020

    Most people are aware of the medicinal and enlightening properties accredited to certain rocks and minerals but forget about, or discount, the magic of precious stones. These jewels are more...

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  • Graduation Gifts for Her | Jewelry Grad Gifts for the Fashionable Graduate

    Posted on June 08 2020

    Their hard work has paid off and it's time for your favorite student (or students) to graduate! This is an incredibly exciting time in their lives. Give them a gift...

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  • What Is Ethical Gold?

    Posted on June 01 2020

    Ethically sourced and ethically made fashion is all the rage right now, and for a reason. Less pollution, less waste, and safe working conditions are just a few reasons to...

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  • Diamonds and Gold in Quarantine

    Posted on April 22 2020

    Happy belated birthday April babies! Like your birthstone, the diamond, you are precious but strong. Times are tough but you are tougher! Even though the celebration circumstances might not be...

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  • 10 Questions with Skaska Founder Diana Behringer

    Posted on April 21 2020

    How did you become a jewelry designer? One of my favorite childhood memories is playing with my mother’s jewelry that she collected and brought over from Eastern Europe. Carefully examining...

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